The Ardmore First Base Partnership is a joint venture between two of today’s most progressive, experienced and successful development enterprises: First Base, which is well known in the industry for its innovative development expertise, and Ardmore Construction, whose exceptional manufacturing and delivery capability is exemplified in many award-winning projects.

This unique partnership was created specifically to deliver projects under the Delivery Partner Panel (DPP) in order to accelerate the development of publicly-owned land.

Having been successfully appointed members of the panel, our services are now available for use by public agencies including

local authorities, RDAs, RSL’s as well as funding institutions in addition to the Homes and Community Agency on their own projects as independent development partners.

Our capabilities include land acquisition, planning, project finance and funding, fabrication and manufacturing, design and

construction , sales, marketing and scheme management – We offer a true ‘one-stop shop’ for every stage of the project, with all the operational benefits that continuity of involvement implies.