DPP: simple, effective system

For public agencies, procurement via the DPP is a genuine alternative to the OJEU process ensuring a streamlined process while guaranteeing Value for Money.

The DPP process simply involves an agreement with the HCA and a standard framework contract with the chosen delivery partner. You can use the DPP to procure virtually any physical development works

and related services. Panel members compete for your projects through a streamlined 'mini-bid' procedure which focuses on the issues that are important to your organsation.

It’s a system that saves you both time and money by eliminating unnecessary paperwork and repetition while ensuring that you get the best possible value as well as the most suitable development partner.

The practical benefits of procurement via DPP include:
  • Accelerated delivery, with savings of time and cost
  • Faster than alternatives such as local asset-backed vehicles
  • Procurement dependant only on site availability, without the costly preparations for marketing
  • No need to use the Official Journal of the European Union
  • The flexibility to take advantage of new development models
  • Direct access to people who understand the whole development cycle