An outstanding combination

Taken together with a profound understanding of all facets of the development and construction market, the sheer breadth of our combined manufacturing, plant and supply chain capabilities gives AFBP a decisive competitive advantage in terms of project execution.

We have a proven track record of delivering real cost savings and enhanced values that combined will make challenging schemes both viable and deliverable.

Our flexible corporate structure allows us to take on stalled and distressted projects to ensure they are delivered as well as developing and delivering projects from scratch.

We have an excellent reputation for fixed price contracting that eliminates cost uncertainty, and an impressive record of reliable delivery and robust risk management.

It is only when these elements are in place that productive innovation can flourish, and we pride ourselves on using the latest

construction technologies and design thinking to minimise cost while maximising quality of life; we actively seek out new ways of fulfilling the wider social agenda, with innovative ownership solutions for sustainable mixed-tenure communities and innovative fund and asset management to ensure long term value.